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Curtain Cleaning

Neweys On-Site Curtain Cleaning

When your curtains are desperately in need of cleaning, leave them hanging because we’ll come to you!

We can dry clean your curtains in your home or office without removing them from the window. It’s quick, clean, safe and environmentally friendly. Your curtains will be ready for use in two hours.

Whilst we recommend our onsite service, you can also drop them off at any of our convenient locations.

We can clean any style of curtain and also offer spray application of fire retardants and stain prevention (or Scotch Guard). We can also dry clean upholstery in your home, and treat mattresses for dust mites.

Today’s window dressings are so varied in style, fabric and construction that conventional wet cleaning or dry cleaning is not always possible. Neweys on-site curtain cleaning uses an innovative process that permits cleaning at your premises. It is the perfect option for curtains that are too delicate to remove or that simply cannot be removed

An obvious advantage of Neweys On-site Curtain Cleaning is convenience. Conventional methods require the curtains to be removed and can mean that you are without them for several days. To add to this many window dressings cannot be processed by conventional cleaning methods. Our on-site process helps to prevent colour loss on most fabrics and unlike other cleaning methods shrinkage or stretching is not a problem. Mechanical action is also very limited which minimises damage particularly on fragile items.

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