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This Operations Standards Manual (Manual) sets out the Neweys Dry Cleaners’ procedures, expectations and policies relating to the operation of your Franchised Business within the Neweys Dry Cleaners franchising system.  The implementation of this Manual is the responsibility of you as Franchisee, your Store Managers and employees (collectively, team members).

This Manual is only intended to supplement your Franchise Agreement and should not be relied upon as a substitute for reading and understanding your Franchise Agreement.  If there are any inconsistencies between the Manual and your Franchise Agreement, the terms of your Franchise Agreement shall prevail.

UPDATES may change this to online version to avoid issuing paper.

Our Manual is intended as a living document to be enhanced over time as our business practices, operations and technological innovations evolve.

This means that occasionally NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS will update this Manual to reflect changes in procedures, expectations and policies relating to the operation of your Franchised Business and the overall NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS business model.  Whilst we will give you appropriate notice of changes to the Manual, you are responsible for ensuring that any updates to the Manual are inserted into your copy of the Manual and that your team members have direct access to the Manual.



The terms of this Manual (and all other manuals and details provided to you in respect of the Franchise System including, but not limited to, details of customers, Franchisees and suppliers) are confidential and must be treated as such in accordance with your Franchise Agreement.

You are not to disclose information about NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS or the Franchise System except on a “need to know” basis and with approval from NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS (except for your professional advisors, i.e. legal, business or accounting professionals).



In Australia, franchising law is dealt with in the Franchising Code of Conduct (Code). A copy of the Code and related documents can be found at the website for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) at

A copy of the Code and related documents will be issued to you at the time you are provided with your Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document.

All Franchisors and Franchisees must abide by the Code at all times.

We recommend you read and consider the Code and the associated Franchisee Manual to the Code and that you obtain independent legal advice, if required.
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