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Congratulations on the purchase of your Neweys Dry Cleaners Franchised Business and welcome to the team at Neweys Dry Cleaners! We are very excited that you have decided to join with us in our commitment to consistently providing high quality dry cleaning services, great service, added value and convenience to our customers. Our business success is founded on ensuring that all Neweys Dry Cleaners customers receive exceptional customer service and we endeavor to go above and beyond what’s expected to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and to ensure that our customers become loyal, raving fans.

Franchising refers to the methods of practicing and using another company’s business system. The franchisor grants the independent operator the right to distribute its products/services, techniques and trademarks. This Manual is the corporate reference to help you, the Franchisee, duplicate the operational and standards procedures that have made Neweys Dry Cleaners successful.

Our Manual is made available to you on loan to provide you with an overview of the Neweys Dry Cleaners Group (NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS), NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS’s prior experience in the Neweys Dry Cleaners business, the expectations that NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS has of its Franchisees and procedural information to assist you in performing the tasks required of a Franchisee.

We reserve the right to vary, amend or make additions to the Manual and any additional procedural manual. Any variation, amendment or addition to the Manual will be incorporated into this Manual and notified to Franchisees in accordance with the terms of the Franchise Agreement.

The final version of the new Manual will then be made available at

Franchisees must ensure that any new version of the Manual is downloaded and filed promptly in accordance with any accompanying instructions. Any new version of the Manual will become binding on all Franchisees immediately upon notification by our Head Office.



Neweys Dry Cleaners is a chain of stores providing the very best in Dry Cleaning, clothing alterations, ironing and related services to the Gold Coast market via key strategically and conveniently located sites across the coast.

The story of Neweys started in 1993 when business partners Peter Newey and Bill Hudson opened Neweys 60 Minute Drive Thru Dry Cleaners in an old service station site on the corner of Nind & Scarborough Streets Southport.

In 1998 Bill Hudson brought out his partner Peter Newey. Shortly after this in 2000 Bill also purchased the Hoffmans Dry Cleaning chain and expanded the business to a multi store operations. Several years after this all the stores were changed to the Neweys brand and more stores have been moved and added along the way.

In 2013 Justin Hudson purchased the business from his father Bill and continues to own and run the business.

In 2015-16 we moved out of our original drive thru site in southport and opened the current factory in Molendinar and a dry store on the corner of nind and Davenport streets was opened to replace the existing southport store.

The Hudson family started out in the dry cleaning industry in 1947 when Bills mother and father opened their business in Werribee Victoria. Since then dry cleaning has remained in the family through several family owned operations and now Justin is now a third generation dry cleaner.

Justin can be contacted by telephone or email as follows:

Mobile: 0411253038


Franchisees are encouraged to contact the owners personally for general advice, to understand their rights, suggest changes to the Franchise System and/or discuss any matter of concern. At no time, should Franchisees provide Justin’s mobile phone number to anyone outside the Neweys Dry Cleaners group.



Neweys Dry Cleaners are the Gold Coast’s Dry Cleaning and garment care specialists. Neweys has eight convenient locations throughout the Gold Coast and we remain committed to customer service, quality, satisfaction and environmentally friendly processes.

Neweys employ cutting-edge technology with non-toxic dry cleaning materials and the very latest design in garment finishing equipment to ensure that customers garments look like new.

Neweys provide professional services that handle both Corporate and Residential clients and our continued emphasis on quality and customer service has kept us a leader and innovator in the dry-cleaning industry since 1993.

We have developed a very simple franchise model with very few moving parts for the Franchisee. Basically the franchisees take care of the customer service and running the store and we take care of the dry cleaning production side.

Neweys Dry Cleaners is an exciting concept and one that we are working very hard on to ensure it achieves its potential and as a new Franchisee reading this, we look forward to you being part of its success.

Our aim is to provide the very best Dry Cleaning and service to travellers which is not a problem as long as Neweys Dry Cleaners standards are kept at the highest level we can possibly achieve


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one Franchised Network of Dry Cleaning Stores in Australia.


Our Ethos

Neweys Dry Cleaners’s tag line is ‘The Fabric Specialists which presents our core focus on providing consistently high-quality Dry-Cleaning services to every customer, every time.


Our Values

The Neweys Dry Cleaners Way defines the shared values and objectives that underpin our commitment to excellence that drives the success of individuals, teams and stores within the Neweys Dry Cleaners Franchise Network. Guided by the Neweys Dry Cleaners Way, we uphold our standards of consistent, quality Dry Cleaning and outstanding customer service that earn the patronage and loyalty of our customers.

At Neweys Dry Cleaners:

  • We are committed to consistently providing high quality Dry Cleaning, great service, added value and convenience to customers.
  • We care about building relationships; our Franchisees and their teams are the key to our success and our loyal customers know that we always do our best to deliver.
  • We are here to make sure our customers and their garments look the best they possibly can.
  • We strive to give each customer outstanding quality, service, and value and an exceptional experience every time.
  • We maintain the highest standards of business ethics in all dealings with customers, employees and suppliers.
  • We develop and maintain an internal environment which encourages communication and participation of all Franchisee and employees in the affairs of the company and which provides the opportunity for the personal growth of everyone.
  • We continually refine and review procedures and practices and implement training programs dedicated to producing the best possible product and service.
  • We our all to feel proud of what we’re doing and to create a successful, sustainable business model for our Franchisees, now and into the future

Group Overview

  • Franchised Stores :
    • Oasis Broadbeach
  • Company Owned Stores:
    • Runaway Bay
    • Biggera Waters
    • Nind Street
    • Ferry Road
    • Q Store
  • Head Office/ Factory:
    • Molendinar
  • Agencies:
    • Ashmore
    • Harbour Town
  • Other Subsidiaries
    • Neweys Onsite Curtains & Carpets
    • Neweys Deliveries

Head Office Contact Details 

General Manager: Justin Hudson Ph: 0411253038 email:

Sales & Franchisee Relations: Rob Yette Ph: 0408001525

Accounts: Janelle George Ph: 55715500 email:

Production Manager: Joanne Maher Ph: 55715500 email:

Our Head Office is located at: 6 Production Avenue, Molendinar QLD 4218

Our Postal Address is: PO Box 2071, Southport QLD 4215