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Neweys Dry Cleaners Group (NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS) places a great deal of importance on site selection, strategy and location analysis for its Neweys Dry Cleaners stores and has a positive working relationship with the land owner (Lessor) at its sites.

To support your Franchised Business, NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS will liaise directly with the Lessor on your behalf to enable you to conveniently sublease or licence your Neweys Dry Cleaners store on substantially the same terms as NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS. For Franchisees of our existing Neweys Dry Cleaners stores, you will be required to enter an Outlet Licence Deed to licence the Neweys Dry Cleaners store from us. For those Franchisees entering new stores, you will enter sub-leases directly with the Lessor and the Lessor will have several requirements for you to satisfy to meet the consent requirements of the Lessor. These may include requiring personal guarantees in respect to payments to the Lessor and meeting other obligations of the Lessee under the Lease. As well as the bank guarantee, you will need to arrange a certificate of currency of insurance in accordance with the terms of the Lease.

For stores, already in operation, NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS has approved those fixtures, items of equipment, supplies and signs as meeting its specifications and standards for appearance, function, design, quality and performance. Of course, you will need to maintain the condition and appearance of the store consistent with the image of a Neweys Dry Cleaners store as an attractive, clean, convenient and efficiently operated specialty shop offering quality products and efficient and courteous service.

To ensure our brand remains current, all Franchisees will be required to refit and refurbish their store when renewing their Franchise Agreement. The extent of this refit will be determined at the time of renewal.



The goal of our initial training is to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to be successful with our Neweys Dry Cleaners brand. Our training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to duplicate our proven business model and understand the importance of consistency to replicate the customer experience. Our brand is strongest when the customer has the same experience each time they visit a franchised store, no matter what time of day or which location. Initial training inducts our Franchisees into the Neweys Dry Cleaners Franchise System, the Neweys Way.

Key areas to be covered in our initial training program include the following:

  • The Neweys Dry Cleaners system
  • Operating standards and procedures
  • Technical operations for providing our Neweys Dry Cleaners products & Services
  • Recruitment, retention and management of employees
  • Training of employees
  • Use of the POS system
  • Administration
  • Dealing with our Approved Suppliers and ordering

*Note, this is a guide only and your individual training schedule may be subject to change at the discretion of NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS.

Our Head Office and training staff will always be available on the telephone numbers supplied during working hours to assist with your queries.



NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS understands that the overall success of your Neweys Dry Cleaners store is primarily dependent upon you and your team member’s business abilities and efforts. To that end, NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS will assist you from time to time with any operating problems of the store communicated by you to us, disclosed by reports submitted to, or inspections made by us. Our assistance may consist of advice and guidance with respect to:

  • methods and operating procedures used by your store;
  • additional products and services offered by NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS for customers;
  • purchasing of products and supplies;
  • formulating and implementing Neweys Dry Cleaners advertising, merchandising and promotional programs; and
  • the establishment of administrative, bookkeeping, accounting, inventory control, sales training and general operating procedures for the proper operation of a Neweys Dry Cleaners store.
  • Customer Service standards and Training

NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS hosts mandatory Franchisee Meetings from time to time that Franchisees are required to attend. The Meeting is designed to update Franchisees in relation to training information, new policies or procedures and details on current equipment or Approved Supplier changes.



From time to time, visits from our Head Office may be required to assess operations, profitability or to address a concern of the Franchisee. Each time a corporate visit is required, you will be notified in advance pursuant to the terms of your Franchise Agreement.
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