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The Business



As Franchisee, you are expected to meet your responsibilities and to work towards the following:

  • Developing your own business;
  • Providing the highest standard of customer service;
  • Continually improve you and your team member’s skills;
  • Complying with the Neweys Dry Cleaners Franchise System including the agreements, templates, Manual, policies and procedures;
  • Respecting the Neweys Dry Cleaners brand image; and
  • Working confidently to run your business profitably.

NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS envisages your role as Franchisee as a leader and mentor to your team, and be a hands-on operator. Whilst we will not set requirements as to hours to be worked within your stores, NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS expects your involvement in the success of your store to be meaningful.



Operating hours vary between stores but generally the operating hours are:

  • Mon-Fri 8am- 5pm (Nind Street is 7am-6pm)
  • Sat 8am – 12pm
  • Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

Depending on the requirements of your store these hours can be changed if approved beforehand by the Franchisor.

Remember the more time you have available to dedicate to your Neweys Dry Cleaners Franchised Business then the more money you will make to succeed in your business goals! Everyone wins.



The procedure to opening your Neweys Dry Cleaners store each day will be the subject of a training module, however as a guide, and may change slightly depending on store layout and setup, we provide the following steps for ease of reference:

  1. Arrive at least 10 mins prior to the opening time of the store so that you are ready when the first customer walks through the door. It is frustrating for a customer if they arrive at the time the store opens and they are forced to wait while you get ready to serve them. At Neweys we expect our Franchisees/Staff to be there ready and waiting and greet the customer with a smile.
  2. Turn on the lights, air-conditioning, POS Computer & Software.
  3. Clock in on your computer time card using your unique code.
  4. Take out the flags/ signage so that customers know you are open.
  5. Count the till float and ensure that it is the correct amount.
  6. If there are orders waiting to be marked in make sure you separate these and mark them in before the driver gets to the store. If you finish marking in all the orders for that day continue marking in as much as you can before the driver arrives.



The steps to closing your Neweys Dry Cleaners store each day will be the subject of a training module, however as a guide, we provide the following steps for ease of reference:

  • Print the narrow audit trail and close off the till (open/close drawer) & Settle the EFTPOS machine. This will essentially begin another day so if you serve any customers after that time these transactions will appear on the next day’s audit trail.
  • Count the money in the till
  • Enter information into stock sheets – change name
  • Identify discrepancies if any and rectify
  • Staple the audit trail, the EFTPOS settlement and all EFTPOS receipts together neatly and write the day on the front.
  • It is best to ensure that you have marked in ALL the work that has come in that day so that you can start the next day off easier.
  • Ensure that you have dealt with all problems for the day you were working before going home; you cannot leave it for another staff member or leave a note.
  • Leave clear instructions for orders and put them in a place easy to see for others.
  • Ensure that they shop is dusted, swept, vacuumed and tidy, and all the orders and located and put away.
  • Bring in flags and signage from outside
  • Empty rubbish bins and put in the bins outside
  • Wipe down benches
  • Remove ALL notes and coins from the till and place in the safe
  • Make sure all the doors are locked and everything is tidy and organised.



NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS has developed its concept stores offering retail Dry Cleanings, clothing alterations & Garment Care services. NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS has, at its expense, employed licenced architects, engineers and general contractors to prepare and equip its stores in line with its standard specifications and criteria for the design and layout of a typical Neweys Dry Cleaners store. All such stores are operated with uniform formats, signs, equipment, layout, systems, methods, procedures and designs which utilise our trademarks and offer uniform products.

Upon purchase of your Franchised Business, you will acquire a store that has been fully fit-out by NEWEYS DRY CLEANERS for immediate business operations and you will be required to maintain the condition and appearance of the store and its equipment, consistent with the image and operating standard of a Neweys Dry Cleaners store.


Services Offered

Since the beginning Neweys has had the philosophy of never turning customers away. We will attempt to clean almost anything and very rarely will we turn down an opportunity to clean a fabric or material. When dealing customers never assume that we don’t do something, always send it to the factory and get an opinion.


General Dry Cleaning

This is our main service and includes dry cleaning of every day garments like suits and dresses.


Business Shirts

While the business suit says much about the business person who is wearing it, once the coat comes off, it is the shirt that does all the talking. At Neweys our shirt service guarantees a “ready-to-wear” shirt with clean, crisp collars & cuffs and a professional finish to make our customers look and feel their very best.

We offer a shirt special for 5 or more business shirts which includes men’s and ladies cotton business shirts, polos and t-shirts. For example, 5 shirts for $22.60. This is a great draw card for customers and should be upsold to customers wherever possible. You should introduce this to all new and existing customers as it is a great way to bring them back to the store every week.

Most shirts are laundered and then pressed on automatic machinery which allows us to charge a special price for shirts. Not all shirts can be handled in this way and it is very important to remember that this special does not include the following:

  • Dry clean only garments
  • Silk shirts/blouses
  • Dinner shirts
  • Anything other than a standard cotton shirt/blouse
  • Any garment that would normally be up charged e.g.: trims, beads etc.


Neweys Dry Cleaners is committed to delivering the highest quality laundered shirt anywhere on the Gold Coast and our standard service includes the following.

  • Buttons are tightened or replaced
  • Collars and cuffs are precisely pressed and rolled to perfection
  • Shirts can be starched according to preference
  • Shirts are returned on hangers or folded at an extra charge.


Curtain Cleaning

When it comes to curtains we have 2 different services:

  • Dry Cleaning in the factory: where the curtains are brought into the shop and we process them at the factory. There are risks of damage to the curtains with this process and the customer needs to sign a consent form for all curtains. Because of the damage that sunlight can do overtime to curtains we can never be sure how they will react to this cleaning method. Customers will be without their curtains for several days as this process takes at least 3 business days.
  • Onsite / In-home cleaning: as the name suggests we clean them in customers’ homes/businesses where they hang. It’s quick, clean, safe and environmentally friendly and curtains can be ready in less than 2 hours. With On Site cleaning there are no risk of damage to the curtains the process gives a delicate clean. This work is performed by our onsite technician. We also offer carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, fabric & leather upholstery cleaning. If customers are interested in this service then hand them the appropriate brochure or follow up with our onsite technician and request they contact the customer.

We can clean any style of curtain and offer spray application of fire retardants and stain prevention (or Scotch Guard). We can also dry clean upholstery in your home, and treat mattresses for dust mites.

Today’s window dressings are so varied in style, fabric and construction that conventional wet cleaning or dry cleaning is not always possible. Neweys on-site curtain cleaning uses an innovative process that permits cleaning at your premises. It is the perfect option for curtains that are too delicate to remove or that simply cannot be removed

An obvious advantage of Neweys On-site Curtain Cleaning is convenience. Conventional methods require the curtains to be removed and can mean that you are without them for several days. To add to this many window dressings cannot be processed by conventional cleaning methods. Our on-site process helps to prevent colour loss on most fabrics and unlike other cleaning methods shrinkage or stretching is not a problem. Mechanical action is also very limited which minimizes damage particularly on fragile items.


Deluxe/Delicate Garment Cleaning

This specialty hand finishing service is double normal price. In this service garments are dry cleaned using a very delicate short cycle and low temperature and finished inside/out by hand.

Deluxe Service is the ultimate care for your garments and ideal for:

  • The finest in suiting
  • Handmade garments
  • Delicate silks
  • Unique designer / couture garments
  • Crystal and sequined garments
  • Caring for wedding gowns
  • Delicate garments


Same Day Service

If customers drop off their items before 9am they can have it back the same day. Orders are normally back at the store after 4.30pm on any given day but this may vary depending on your store location.

Most items can be processed same day however we have limited time to work on stains. So, explain to customers who request same day that we will do our best to remove any stains however we may not be able to get them all out and we may require more time. If this is the case we will notify the customer.


Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Few things are as cherished as a wedding gown. With the careful planning that goes into selecting the perfect gown, many brides choose to preserve their gown with the hope of passing it down to a daughter or keeping it as a memento of their special day.

While a gown may be worn just one day, and may not appear soiled, it will require careful cleaning. Some stains, which are not immediately visible, will develop with age through oxidation causing discolouration, fabric weakness and damage to the gown.

Our advanced system guarantees that your gown will be as good as the day you wore it down the aisle.

Here’s How…

After meticulous cleaning by our wedding gown specialists, your gown is carefully sealed in our MuseumStyleTM, acid-free inner box that controls humidity. The oxygen is purged and replaced with an inert gas, virtually making oxidation impossible.

This sealed packaging allows viewing of your gown at any time, while protecting your gown from mould, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in a durable long-term storage chest for additional safety.

Using the same methods, we can also preserve your other cherished garments including christening gowns, sporting memorabilia and any other garment… antique or contemporary. Click here to find out more.


Wet Cleaning

Quite simply, Professional Wet Cleaning is the process of using water and specialized equipment and detergents to clean “dry clean only” garments.

Wet cleaning is a professional garment care process we use to clean garments and should not be confused with laundering.

The main differences are the amount of mechanical action, the volume of water in the cleaning process and the specially designed detergents.

Wet cleaning is an effective cleaning method for removing water based stains that cannot be removed through dry cleaning and would be destroyed in laundering.

Our professional wet cleaning machines and process are designed to clean almost any delicate fabric or garment.

We are seeing more garments with the care label (W) which stands for professional wet cleaning.


Pickup & Delivery Service

Can’t find time to visit one of our stores? Then we’ll come to you!

You can now bring Neweys Dry Cleaners right to your home or office with our pick-up and delivery service. Neweys Dry Cleaners offers a full pickup & delivery service all over the Gold Coast. Clothing items are picked up and dropped off direct to your home or workplace with the added convenience of credit card payment. It is simple and fast, and offers everything you need in a dry-cleaning service.

It’s as easy as 1…2…3!

  1. Put your garments into our custom VIP Express bag,
  2. Place the bag in a pre-arranged place at your home or office,
  3. And your clothing will be picked up & returned on your designated days.

It’s that simple!


Clothing Alterations

Neweys can attend to all your clothing repairs and alterations on the Gold Coast. The long and short of it is we can repair your garments – zips, hems, buttons, sleeves and much more.

Neweys Clothing Alterations can handle almost any garment including pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts/blouses and just to name a few, here are some of her most common repairs and alterations:

  • Hems- Shortened or lengthened
  • Waists- taken in or let out
  • Zips- replaced, altered or repaired
  • Pockets- replaced, altered or repaired
  • Linings- replaced, altered or repaired
  • Buttons, hooks, eyes etc.- replaced or re-attached
  • Buttonholes – made or repaired
  • Sleeves- Shortened or lengthened
  • Rips and tears- mended
  • Beading & Trims- replaced or re-attached
  • Garment resizing- taking in or letting out

A fitting service is also available in all our stores on the Gold Coast for your convenience.


Leather & Suede Cleaning

Leather and suede garments are an investment which should be cleaned by skilled professionals. Routine cleaning is recommended to aid in the longevity of your leather products.

Leather cleaning is a specialised process that is designed to preserve the look and feel of the leather garment. Leather garments are extremely durable and if properly treated and cared for will last for many years.

At Newey’s we carefully grade and inspect each garment prior to cleaning. Unlike cleaning normal fabrics, the cleaning of suede and leather requires extensive work post cleaning to restore the garment to its original condition.

We provide a suede, skins, and leather cleaning service for a range of garments including coats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, and motorcycle cycle leathers.

Due to the complexity of the processes involved in leather cleaning, service times vary depending on the degree of soiling and staining and whether any alterations or repairs are requested.

  • What You Can Expect After Leather Cleaning
    Leather garments are made of skins taken from various portions of the animal and usually from several different animals. The manufacturer tries to match the skins so that your garment is as uniform as possible, but even with the best matching, there will be some variance in texture, weight, and colour uniformity. These variations may be accentuated after cleaning.

    • Loss of Colour: Be prepared to see a slight variance in the depth of colour after cleaning. In manufacture, the tanner immersed the skin in a dye bath to obtain a uniform colour, but skins from various parts of the animal may vary in colourfastness. The cleaner can correct some colour variance, but must rely on spray dyeing, which will not dye the suede or leather to the same degree as the original immersion process.
    • Loss of Oils: During tanning, leathers are impregnated with oils to keep them supple. Some of these oils are lost in cleaning, and although the professional leather cleaner has special additives to restore suppleness, there could be some change in the feel or hand of the garment.
    • Scar Tissue: The animal’s skin may have been injured while it was alive by briars, barbed wire, diseases, or fights with other animals. The resulting scar tissue does not dye evenly, so it is covered with fillers before dyeing. These fillers are removed in cleaning, and the original scar tissue will become more apparent, usually as a light area.
    • Vein Marks: Some thick skins are split, revealing the veins in the skin as irregular, wavy lines. These are also marked with fillers and reappear after cleaning.
    • Wrinkles: Skins taken from the loose neck or belly portion of an animal are naturally wrinkled. As the skins relax with age, the wrinkles reappear. The agitation that occurs in cleaning can cause greater relaxation of the leather, accentuating the wrinkles.
    • Texture Change: The manufacturer tries to select skins of uniform texture for a garment, but sometimes smoother skin is combined with a skin or portion of skin with a coarser texture. Cleaning may make his variance more apparent.
    • Shrinkage: Some shrinkage will likely occur in your garment over time as the skins relax. This may be accentuated in cleaning. As you wear a leather garment it tends to conform comfortably to your body. After cleaning, the garment may feel a little uncomfortable or snug when you first put it on. As you wear it this feeling will dissipate. Sometimes skins are overstretched in manufacture and relax permanently. This problem cannot be anticipated by the cleaner.
    • Thin Skins: Some skins are extremely thin and too fragile for use in apparel. These skins tend to wear exceptionally fast even with normal usage. The agitation of cleaning will further aggravate the damage of thin skins.
    • Oxidation (Colour Change): Dyes can oxidize from exposure to light and gases in the atmosphere. This is a slow, progressive condition that develops with age. It may become more noticeable after cleaning, but protected areas, such as under the collar, will retain more of the original colour.
    • Colour Shading from Adhesives : Adhesives are sometimes used to glue seams, hems, and other areas during construction. These glues or adhesives may not be solvent resistant. Sometimes the glues don’t dissolve completely, but leach through the leather and cause shaded areas.
    • Shaded Leather: The texture of skins varies, and some skins tend to absorb more of the fat liquors and cleaning additives in cleaning and come out a little darker in some areas than others. Sometimes this shading can be seen on the garment before cleaning, but cleaning will accentuate it. It is a natural phenomenon that is beyond the control of the cleaner.
    • Leather Trims: Leather buttons and leather piping on fabric items sometimes cause problems by bleeding colour onto the adjacent fabric. All attached trim should be able to withstand the care method on the label; if this problem occurs, the item should be returned to the store where it was purchased. A fashion trend is to attach dark coloured suede, leather or snakeskin trim on white or pastel cloth garments. In many cases the attached trim is fugitive to all Drycleaning solvents. Cleaning by any other method may cause permanent loss or transfer onto the cloth portion of the garment
    • Imitation Leathers and Suedes: Imitation leathers and suedes are produced in a variety of ways and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Smooth leather-like fabrics may be coated with vinyl-based or urethane-based films. Suede-like fabrics may be made with nonwoven urethane structures or may be knit or woven fabrics flocked to look like suede. It is very important to check the care label on an imitation leather or suede. Some of these fabrics are quite fragile and will not withstand Drycleaning. The most common problem is failure of a film coating or of an adhesive. This results in self-sticking of the fabric or in blistering or puckering of the coating. On flocked items, the flocked coating may be lost in wear areas such as collars and cuffs. Cleaning may aggravate this condition. Nonwoven structures usually withstand Drycleaning very well.


VIP Express Service

For busy people…like you!

As a Neweys VIP Express Customer you will be able to experience total convenience with your own VIP Express Service Bag. Your details will be registered on the bag and all you need to do is drop it off at one our stores and we’ll do the rest.

Save Time: As a VIP Customer your order is processed immediately. You’ll never have to wait in line again… Just hand it to one of our customer service staff.

Easy Billing: Your orders can also be automatically charged to your credit card. There’s no wait to pay!


Free Minor Repairs

When you have your garments professionally Dry Cleaned at Neweys you will receive Free Minor Repairs. These include:

  • Replacing missing, chipped broken or loose buttons
  • Repairing loose hems
  • Repairing split seams


Ironing Service 

We know there are better things you’d rather be doing than ironing your clothes!

That’s why Neweys offer a professional ironing service aimed at busy people just like you.

At Neweys our aim is to make your life more enjoyable. Our modern equipment and professional staff make sure your clothes are pressed to perfection every time. We’ll even fold or hang your clothes just how you like them.

  • Minimum of 8 pieces per order for the ironing service.
  • Less than 8 pieces is charged at press only prices.
  • The ironing service is aimed at clothes that customers wash at home and do not want to iron themselves.
  • Eg: business shirts, polo shirts, blouses, kids clothing, school clothing, shorts, trousers, sheets and pillow cases etc. basically anything that they don’t get dry cleaned and that they clean at home.
  • The aim is to get a whole basket of ironing and not just one or 2 pieces and that is why we have put a minimum of five pieces.
  • Clothing like men’s suits, men’s dress pants cocktail dresses, formal dresses and after five wear are to be charged at press only prices. For Example: if a customer brings in suits to be pressed for a wedding then these will be charged at press only prices.
  • The ironing service is aimed mainly at causal wear and the aim is to get a lot of ironing at once.
  • Customers need to bring in a bulk amount to get the discounts. (more than five)
  • Anything that would normally be dry cleaned should be marked in as press only.
  • Stress the convenience of the service to customers.


Press Only

Not to be confused with ironing, our press only service is for dry clean only garments that just require professional pressing. The cost is 75% of the dry-cleaning prices.


Household Furnishings

Neweys Dry Cleaners brings life back to your doonas, bedspreads, blankets and other home furnishings. After cleaning your items will be returned in your very own blanket bag.


Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Restoration

When a disaster hits your home food, shelter and clothing become an absolute priority. Neweys work with homeowners, restoration contractors and insurance companies to bring your clothing and home furnishings back to life as quickly as possible.

Whether your garment and home furnishings smell of smoke, are covered in soot, mould or have suffered water damage Neweys will do everything possible to bring them back to their original state.

At Neweys we can restore almost every textile fabric including:

  • Delicate Garment restoration
  • Wedding gown restoration
  • General Garment & Clothing restoration- suits, shirts, dresses, pants, personal items etc.
  • Curtain and blind restoration
  • Floor Mat & Rug restoration
  • Home furnishings restoration: Bedspreads Doonas and Blankets
  • Leather and fur restoration


Even if you think your garment restoration job is beyond hope, let Neweys Dry Cleaning look.

We offer exceptional comprehensive water, fire, and smoke damage restoration services. If you have experienced a fire or flood in your home or building, we will be there to masterfully restore your family heirlooms, furniture, upholstered walls, headboards, carpeting, and any other fabrics and textiles that have been damaged. We have been widely recognized as one of the most reputable cleaning and restoration establishments in the world and we will use our years of experience and expertise to restore your damaged garments and furnishings to their original condition.

We remove any unpleasant odours and restore any badly stained or water-damaged garments and fabrics to their original condition.


Garment Restoration

From a vintage garment to your favourite modern garment, Neweys can restore it to its former glory. We have a wide range of techniques to remove age stains and restore your garments.


Laundry & Wash & Fold

Whether it be socks and jocks or all the washing for a household Neweys can wash dry and fold it. If it fits in our washers we will wash it.



Neweys offer a specialised, comprehensive and professional uniform dry-cleaning service catering for commercial and industrial applications- from delicate to heavy duty uniforms.

From the large hotels to a small business we can offer the very best service at competitive rates ensuring your customers and staff the highest level of customer satisfaction. Please contact us to arrange a quote.

  • Our Services Include:
  • Hotel Guest Valet Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Corporate Uniform Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Hotel Staff Uniform Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Industrial Workwear


24 Hour Lockers

If you can’t make to our stores during trading hours then you can take advantage of our 24-Hour Lockers. If you are running late and can’t make it to our store then call us and we can place your order in a locker and tell you how to pick it up.


Handbags Shoes etc. or hand cleaning

Neweys can hand clean items such as shoes & handbags. There isn’t much we can clean so always ask before telling the customer no.


Linen Service

This service is for customers who want their linens professional cleaned and starched. These items include: bed sheets, table cloths and napkins